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The world over especially in the developing countries, livestock production, farming and environment have drastically changed negatively yet it is imperative to note that livestock and its products is important in the day to day activities of man in terms of provision  of milk and its byproducts enriched with nutrients good for human consumption, provision of hides and skins, provision of labour in the mountainous hilly areas of the world especially in tropical Africa among others and then lastly provision of beef which is consumed by 80% of the world's population. Read on..
Bugweri Commercial Farmers Association                                                                                                                United we stand, divided we fall BUCFA
Welcome to Bugweri Commercial Farmers Association, a self-help project for enabling the people in and around Bugweri to develop their economic potentials in agro-based businesses. This is a privately funded project by well wishers, donors and the peoples of Bugweri County. This project is based on donated land and is promoted by His Excellency The Ambassador of The Republic of Uganda to the Royal Kingdom of Denmark and The Nordic countries, Ambassador Wanume Kibedi Zaake. The project is located at Ibaako Village, in Makutu Subcounty, Bugweri County in Iganga District.